We Are Innovate

We are a team of passionate and creative video marketers who are driven by creating unique and exciting videos for our clients. We like to try new and interesting ideas for all our projects, and don’t settle for creating bland and uninspiring content.

All of our team come from a marketing background, and means that we understand the importance of strategy when producing content. We effectively plan production to ensure that we capture all the content we need in an efficient manner, without sacrificing quality. 

Our values are quality, creativity and professionalism, and by striving to meet these with every project we undertake, we ensure that the content we create will not only result in a satisfied client, but will allow us to try out new ideas and make exciting content, which is why we all chose to work in this industry.

Our Specialties

Our Team

Ollie Burrows

Director of Photography
Ollie is our main in-house videographer and photographer, and works through the whole production process. Working in the industry for over 6 years both as a freelancer and at a number of production agencies, Ollie has experience in creating videos in a range of formats and styles.

Elliott Davidson

Creative Director
Having started in the industry as a freelancer, Elliott created his own digital marketing agency at the age of just 23. He works to ensure that the production process runs smoothly, and that the client is informed throughout and satisfied with the end product.

Puja Kotecha

There is no use in creating beautiful video content if no one ends up seeing it. This is where Puja comes in, with years of experience in PR and marketing, she can use her contacts and skills in social media to make sure that the target audience is seeing your video to get the results you require.