Case Study

Case studies are a detailed breakdown of a project that you have completed for a client, and shows a potential customer that you have proof of the success of the services that you offer. 

The purpose of a case study is to show how you approached a project following a brief from a client, how you created a strategy to solve their problem, how you tackled any issues that you experienced during the process and most importantly the results that you achieved for the customer.

When a customer views your case study, it will help them get a better understanding of how they can expect to work with you, and sets certain expectations that will make you more appealing than your competitors.


Using a case study can have many benefits, but the main one is that you are providing clear and detailed evidence that you were able to achieve excellent results for your client.

While a client will buy into your company due to your personality and approach, the key way to hook them in is by proving you get results. A potential client can choose whether or not to believe your claims of what you can do for their business, but showing them results and a clear track record is hard to argue with.

A case study allows you to be transparent with your potential clients, showing how you take on a brief and create a strategy to meet their goals. By showing your process it gives a better understanding of what working with your company is like, and what clients can expect when working with you.

As well as just stating facts, a case study can be used to tell a story. Why did a client approach you to solve their problem, why did you take on the project and how you set out to make sure you provided the best service possible to solve their problem. 

While a case study is an excellent method to evidence the work you do, by creating a case study video you are able to appeal to a larger audience, with a lot of potential customers more willing to watch a short video than reading a lengthy document.

The Production Process


The first stage of the process is to fully understand your brief and work on creating a strategy for your project. This is the most important stage, as both parties having a clear understanding of what needs to be achieved will help the project run smoothly and set realistic expectations. Through this stage we then plan the shooting schedule, any additional factors that need to be introduced, and set project deadlines.


During this phase, we will capture all the media needed to produce the video. The video shoot will be custom to your project and could be over multiple days, in different locations, and will likely involve filming your business as well as your clients. Our in house camera operators will lead the projects and we will use our network of freelancers to support us on the shoots when required.


This is the longest stage in the production process and is where your video starts to take shape. Using all the footage that has been shot, and including motion graphics, we give an accurate and informative depiction of the project you worked on, how it came about, your strategy and most importantly the results you achieved.


There is no point having a detailed case study, if it is not distributed in a way that reaches your potential clients. This is where marketing comes in, and we will use the distribution strategy created in pre-production to promote your video across the relevant channels. Whether this is on your website, across social media or using our PR team to reach out to publications.


Contrast - AirPOS Testimonial
Contrast - Muck Truck Testimonial

Client Testimonial

The video that Innovate has produced perfectly captures what life at the agency was like over the first year, and shows the struggles that come with the successes.

Paul Ngoie SEO Strategist, Contrast