Contrast x AirPOS


This video would be a short feature showing digital marketing agency Contrast travelling to Belfast to have their first face to face meeting with their latest clients. This video will be created to work by itself, but would also be reworked into a future episode of their documentary series ‘The Process’.

This video shows how Contrast works with their client in the day or so that they spent there, including team meetings, working one on one with members of the team, and the social time that they spent together. The aim of this video is to provide learning to other creatives about the importance of face to face meetings even in the digital world, and the benefits it can have to your client relationship.


The production of this video involved following members of the Contrast on their journey to Belfast, including time at the airport and at the hotel before meeting their client, heading to their clients office, and spending the evening in the city with them.

The video will be made up of documentary footage of the meetings and interactions between the two teams, b-roll footage of their interactions, the location and the things going off during the day. This will all be held together with recorded interviews.

To create the main story of the video, we interviewed a member of the Contrast team back at their office after they had returned from the trip, to hear their experience of the trip and why they think it is important to make the effort when communicating with your clients.


To distribute the video, ourselves and Contrast settled on using the video platform Wistia. With Wistia being a professional video hosting platform, we felt that it suited the video more than using YouTube. 

While being distributed as an individual video, we would also be editing the video into a future documentary episode, so this would be picking up traffic from two different sources. 

To promote the video we distributed the episode across social media platforms, using short clips and trailers for the episode to tease the content and drive people to the website to view the full video.

What our client thinks

The video that Innovate has produced perfectly captures what life at the agency was like over the first year, and shows the struggles that come with the successes.

Paul Ngoie SEO Strategist, Contrast