Hyper Growth London 2019


Hyper Growth London is the UK stop on a series of conferences run by Drift, a digital marketing agency. The event hosts speakers from digital agencies, sports stars, filmmakers and business leaders, and is seen as a premium event. 

The event is for attendees to get an insight into the mentality of the speakers, learn how they run their businesses, how they are successful and the stories on their journey there. Our video would need to showcase the speakers at the event, whilst also showing the attendees and things taking place in the networking area, including DJs and live graffiti artists.


The production of this video involved a one man film crew covering the events of the day. This involved recording sections of all the talks at the event, showing the range of speakers as well the audience reactions to their talks.

Due to the size of the crew, it was decided early on that we would not be using the audio from the talks and the video would be compiled of mostly B-roll. To make the talks look as interesting as possible, they would be recorded from multiple angles, achieved by recording small snippets of the talk from each angle.

As well as the high profile speakers, the things that make this event different is the style of the networking areas. The event used a lot of neon lights, live dj’s and artists, and even an art wall which had graffiti artists live painting a mural. It was important to capture this to mix in with the event to capture the mood of the day.


To distribute the video, we decided that uploading to YouTube would help get organic viewership, as attendees of the event are most likely to search on this platform to see highlights of the event. We predicted that most of the views would occur in two stages, this would be immediately after the event, where people are looking for highlights, and in the lead up to next year’s event where people looking to attend will be searching to see what the event is like. 

As well as YouTube, we also distributed the video across our social media platforms and reached out to attendees and speakers to repost the video across their channels as well. We created numerous versions of the video to suit the variety of platforms, this included a vertical video which would be included on instagram TV and stories. 

What our client thinks

The video really captures the mood of the day and how exciting it was, and shows the quality of speakers the event had.

Paul Ngoie SEO Strategist, Contrast