Social Media

We are now at the stage where over 80% of internet traffic is made up of online videos, so if you are not yet utilising video in your marketing, you are falling behind.

All social channels are now focusing heavily on video with their ever growing popularity, especially amongst the younger generations, so it is crucial to involve it in your marketing strategy.

Social media videos are any content that you create and share through your social networks. They can cover a wide range of formats, but the main purpose is to increase the exposure of your business and build your potential audience and well as encouraging your audience to engage with your business. This can be done in a forward manner, or more subtly by creating interesting content that makes the audience want to work with you.


Using video across social media can have many benefits for your business, but the main point is that it promotes your business in a way that is easily accessible and cost effective.

Video accounts for over two thirds of internet traffic, so there is a lot of potential client traffic that can be accessed by adding it to your marketing strategy. In a mobile heavy world it is the perfect way to grab your viewers attention with most people preferring to watch a video rather than reading a lot of text.

Due to its nature, social media allows you to have a lot more engagement with your audience, with viewers being able to interact with your video and show your companies personality, with customers often buying into people not products.

Social media can help boost your brand awareness, and can bring your brand to life, by producing regular content you can help your company become more recognisable, helping build a loyal audience to your product or service.

The Production Process


The first stage of the process is to fully understand your brief and work on creating a strategy for your project. This is the most important stage, as both parties having a clear understanding of what needs to be achieved will help the project run smoothly and set realistic expectations. Through this stage we then plan the shooting schedule, any additional factors that need to be introduced, and set project deadlines.


During this phase, we will capture all the media needed to produce the video. The video shoot will be custom to your project and could be over multiple days, in different locations. Our in house camera operators will lead the projects and we will use our network of freelancers to support us on the shoots when required.


This is the longest stage in the production process and is where your video starts to take shape. Using all the footage that has been shot, and including motion graphics, we will create either a single or a series of videos that appeals to your target audience and delivers the messages that were determined in the pre-production strategy. 


Social media is so full of content, that using a marketing strategy is essential to make sure your videos reach your audience. We will determine which platforms are best to use to reach your target audience, optimise your video so it is easy for them to find, and add effective calls to actions to have the desired results. 


Contrast Pancake Day
Contrast Snow

Client Testimonial

The video that Innovate has produced perfectly captures what life at the agency was like over the first year, and shows the struggles that come with the successes.

Paul Ngoie SEO Strategist, Contrast