The best way to promote your business is by having someone else do it for you, and using client testimonials is a proven way to genuinely portray the successes of the work you do and the experience of working with your business. 

Testimonials videos are formed by interviewing your clients to document their experience of working with your company. A video can be made up of a single interview or multiple interviews from the same company, and are used by a company to back up what they say about their own business by using a third party source to support their claims.


Testimonials are a great way to promote your business as having a client recommend you will make a potential customer much more likely to believe what is being said than your business telling them. Audiences take the views of a customer as more genuine, as it shows how much they value your business and the service you offer. 

The purpose of a testimonial is to show why a client chose to work with you, the experience they had while working with you, your approach to their issue and most importantly the results that you managed to achieve.

Customers use testimonials the same way consumers read user views on products, to get an opinion on a product or service that has not been scripted, and is a more trustworthy way to find out information.

Humanising your brand is essential, especially if your service is mostly sold online, as customers want to know that you are genuine before pursuing your business.

The Production Process


The first stage of the process is to fully understand your brief and work on creating a strategy for your project. This is the most important stage, as both parties having a clear understanding of what needs to be achieved will help the project run smoothly and set realistic expectations. Through this stage we then plan the shooting schedule, any additional factors that need to be introduced, and set project deadlines.


During this phase, we will capture all the media needed to produce the video. The video shoot will be custom to your project and could be over multiple days, in different locations, and involve actors or the need for permits. Our in house camera operators will lead the projects and we will use our network of freelancers to support us on the shoots when required.


This is the longest stage in the production process and is where your video starts to take shape. Using all the footage that has been shot, we create the story of your video, making sure that all the messages outlined in the brief are portrayed, whilst also making sure it is creative and visually appealing to stand out to your audience.


There is no point in having a bespoke video delivering your message if there is no one to see it. This is where marketing comes in, and we will use the distribution strategy created in pre-production to promote your video across the relevant channels. Whether this is on your website, across social media or using our PR team to reach out to publications.


Contrast - AirPOS Testimonial
Contrast - Muck Truck Testimonial

Client Testimonial

The video that Innovate has produced perfectly captures what life at the agency was like over the first year, and shows the struggles that come with the successes.

Paul Ngoie SEO Strategist, Contrast