The Process: A Vision


This is the first episode of a documentary series detailing the life of a digital marketing agency, Contrast. This episode would need to focus on the backstory of the company’s founder, Elliott Davidson, discussing why he got into business, experience he has gathered and the move from a sporting background to the business world.

Due to the subject of the episode, it will involve use of archive footage from Elliott’s past, recreating some footage that we do not have access to, and interviewing people who know Elliott personally. 

As well as documenting Elliott’’s journey, the video will also need to provide learnings that other agencies and marketers will be able to use when running or setting up their business. This will prevent the video from being less of a corporate video, and more of an informative behind the scenes of an agency.


The production of this video involved interviewing Elliott in a number of locations, each relevant to different parts of his story. These locations included at his first office and at Holme Pierrepont water sports centre, where he used to train daily when he was an Irish national kayaker.  As well as interviewing Elliott we also spoke to his personal trainer Greg, to gain an insight into how Elliott approaches challenges and his work ethic.

While at all these locations we also filmed a range of b-roll footage that would be used to tell the story. This included working out in the gym, a tour of his first office and going on the kayaking course. As this episode focuses on Elliott’s past, we would also need to use a lot of archival footage or recreate footage relevant to what is being discussed. Luckily due to the events that Elliott attended as a kayaker being high profile, there was a lot of race footage we were able to use.



To distribute the video, ourselves and Contrast settled on using the video platform Wistia. With Wistia being a professional video hosting platform, we felt that it suited the video more than using YouTube. Wistias main appeal is that you can create channels which can be added to a website which layouts the content in a Netflix style layout, making it look more like a video series.

With using Wistia, we would be sacrificing the amount of views a video will get, as it will miss out on YouTubes search traffic, but the views that we would be seeing would be more valuable.

To promote the video we distributed the episode across social media platforms, using short clips and trailers for the episode to tease the content and drive people to the website to view the full video.

What our client thinks

The video clearly shows the emotion that went into the tough decisions Elliott had to make on his way to running his own company.

Paul Ngoie SEO Strategist, Contrast