The Process: Belfast Bound


This is the third episode of a documentary series detailing the life of a digital marketing agency, Contrast. This episode would be compiled of three short sections, each featuring a different thing that has happened at the agency over the recent months. 

This episode will include members of the team travelling to Belfast to meet their latest client, Paul attending a major event in London to give a presentation and Contrast moving into their brand new studio. Each section will tell its own story, and will feature interviews with the team members involved, B-roll footage of what has happened during this time, and fly on the wall documentary footage.

As well as showing what has happened at the company, each section will also provide learnings that other businesses can pick up, such as why it is important to attend events and do presentations, importance of meeting clients face to face, and why you need to plan for the future when picking an office.


The production of this video was done in three stages, with each section taking place weeks apart. This meant that a section could be filmed and edited before another, as while they function as a representation of what has happened at the agency in the last few months, the edits do not affect each other.

The first to be filmed was the team trip to Belfast, which included a day and a half of following them around as they met their client in person, had productive meetings and were shown around the city. To tie the piece together, we interviewed a member of the Contrast team to hear about their experience.

The second section was filmed in London at a major two day gambling event, which involved a member of the Contrast team giving a presentation. Our team headed down with Paul to capture footage of the event, interview Paul about his experience and why events like this are important, and most importantly film his presentation.

The final section document’s Contrast move into their new office. This edit is compiled of interviews with members of the team regarding their thoughts on the place, and a tour off the office by the company’s director.


To distribute the video, ourselves and Contrast settled on using the video platform Wistia. With Wistia being a professional video hosting platform, we felt that it suited the video more than using YouTube. Wistia’s main appeal is that you can create channels which can be added to a website which layouts the content in a Netflix style layout, making it look more like a video series.

With using Wistia, we would be sacrificing the amount of views a video will get, as it will miss out on YouTubes search traffic, but the views that we would be seeing would be more valuable.

To promote the video we distributed the episode across social media platforms, using short clips and trailers for the episode to tease the content and drive people to the website to view the full video.

What our client thinks

Innovate have followed Contrast across the country in producing this episode, and it gives a great representation of our scale and visions

Paul Ngoie SEO Strategist, Contrast